Free Software around the world

Held on 2005-12-21


This is a non-tecnical talk about Free Software: I show pictures from my free software-related experiences, with comments. It is a first person way of narrating "Free Software around the world": it gets interesting because I have been into a range of events which is broad enough to give a taste of various things happening around free software (digital divide issues, government, business, universities, community meetings, 3rd world...).

This talk could be used to show "Why Free Software is developed", or to show "How Free Software is developed".


Note: All photos are mine, except the ones of LCA2003 (C) Leon Brooks and CyberTODO; the ones in the IIS space station (C) Mark Shuttleworth and the painted computer of Metareciclagem (C) TODO [all photos used with permission of the authors [TODO Metareciclagem]]. The pictures have been scaled to fit 800x600 in order to reduce the file size before putting them online.