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2017-03-19 12:25:35+01:00

Fiori in primavera

Poesia: "Fiori in primavera"

Se vuoi portarmi dei fiori in primavera

Portami dei carciofi

Che ce li facciamo a fettine sottili

Saltati nell'aglio

E con gli scarti

Facciamo il risotto

Un piatto di carciofi saltati nell'aglio su letto di ceci

cazzeggio ita
2014-12-19 15:55:20+01:00

Non importa che mi dai del voi

Dai, non importa che mi dai del voi

In che senso?

Eh, mi dici sempre "voi informatici", "voi tecnici", "voi..."

cazzeggio ita life sw
2014-01-04 00:38:16+01:00

Spelling a chilometri zero

Lo spelling internazionale è troppo globalizzato, e volete recuperare un attimo la dimensione del posto dove siete nati e cresciuti?

Da oggi c'è questo script che fa per voi: gli dite dove abitate, e lui vi crea lo spelling a chilometri zero.

$ git clone git@gitorious.org:trespolo/osmspell.git
$ cd osmspell
$ ./osmspell "San Giorgio di Piano"
1: San Giorgio di Piano, BO, EMR, Italia
2: San Giorgio di Piano, Via Codronchi, San Giorgio di Piano, BO, EMR, Italia
3: San Giorgio Di Piano, Via Libertà, San Giorgio di Piano, BO, EMR, Italia
Choose one: 1
Center: 44.6465332, 11.3790398
A Argelato, Altedo
B Bentivoglio, Bologna, Boschi
C Cinquanta, Castagnolo Minore, Castel Maggiore, Cento
D Dosso
E Eremo di Tizzano
F Funo di Argelato, Finale Emilia, Ferrara, Fiesso
G Gherghenzano, Galliera, Gesso
I Il Cucco, Irnerio, Idice
L Località Fortuna, Lovoleto, Lippo
M Malacappa, Massumatico, Minerbio, Marano
N Navile
O Osteriola, Ozzano dell'Emilia, Oca
P Piombino, Padulle, Poggio Renatico, Piave
Q Quarto Inferiore, Quattrina
R Rubizzano, Renazzo, Riale
S San Giorgio di Piano, Saletto
T Torre Verde, Tintoria, Tombe
U Uccellino
V Venezzano Mascarino, Vigarano Mainarda, Veduro
X XII Morelli
Z Zenerigolo, Zola Predosa

I dati vengono da OSM, e lo script è un ottimo esempio di come usarne la API di geolocazione (veloci) e la API di query geografica (lenta).

Update: source code is now here.

cazzeggio ita life sw truelite
2013-12-03 22:32:23+01:00

Poesia: "Lavatrice"

Pensavo fosse pail,

invece ora è feltro.

cazzeggio ita life
2013-12-02 14:07:58+01:00


Christmas songs should only ever be played on Christmas day.

In church.

At midnight.

Unless I happen to be there.

cazzeggio eng life pdo rant
2013-11-22 18:58:00+01:00


Photo of a commercial in London City airport saying 'In the lap of luxury - Want to reach a captive audience with dwell time? Why advertise anywhere else? - London City Airport Media Sales'

In the airport, we are not travellers. We are a captive audience with dwell time.

In other words, suckers stuck in a room where the only pastime provided is spending money and staring at advertisements selling advertisement space in rooms full of suckers like them.

cazzeggio eng pdo rant
2013-09-20 13:27:07+02:00

Explanation of umarell

Umarell /uma'rɛl/ (oo-mah-rell), n; pl. Umarells. People in a community who offer all sorts of comments to those who are trying to get some work done, but who are not doing any work themselves.

Etymology and further details

Umarell is a word that entered Italian slang in Bologna and is spreading to nearby towns, occasionally even across Italy. It comes from the Bolognese for "cute/odd little man".

"Umarells" are those people, usually retired men, who spend time watching construction works, often holding their hands behind their back, occasionally commenting on what is going on, sometimes trying to tell the workers what to do.

It's easy to find examples on the internet; the word was popularised by a blog collecting photos, which has even been published into a book.

With some Italian Debian friends, we realised that umarell is the perfect word to describe those people in a community, who offer all sorts of comments to those who are trying to get some work done, but who are not doing any work themselves.

I think that it is a word that fits perfectly, and since I'm likely going to use it blissfully anywhere, here is a page that temporarily explains what it means until the Oxford English Dictionary picks it up.

cazzeggio debian eng life pdo
2011-01-15 10:35:36+01:00

Yet another Ubuntu anecdote

Some posts on planet made me remember of a little Canonical-related story of mine.

Many years ago I shortly contracted for Canonical. It was interesting and fun.

At the time I didn't have any experience of being temporarily hired by a foreign company, so I rang my labour union to get an appointment, to make sure with them that everything was allright.

The phone call went more or less like this:


Hello. I have received this contract for temporary employment by a foreign company and I wondered if I could book an appointment to come show it to you to see if it's all ok.

Their answer rather cut me short:

Hi. Be careful! People get temporary employment from obscure companies with the headquarters, like, in the Isle of Man, they do the job, the company disappears and they never get paid. There's bad stuff out there!

I looked at the contract, the heading said something like "Canonical ltd, Douglas, Isle of Man".

I was certain that the union people would have never understood what was going on. I politely thanked them for their time and hung up. However, to this day I still regret that I didn't insist:

Uh, yes, the company is indeed in the Isle of Man. But what if I told you that it's owned by an astronaut?

I just signed the contract and had a good time.

cazzeggio debian eng life pdo
2010-10-01 12:03:53+02:00

Mailman defaults

Monopoly Chance: It's the first of the month. / You're flooded with mailman junk / Skip a turn.

cazzeggio debian eng pdo rant
2010-08-04 15:32:24+02:00

My rule to see if a framework is worth of attention

I came up with a little rule:

In order to be worth of any attention, a framework must be stable enough that I can charge money to train people to use it.

This probably applies to other kinds of software stacks, libraries, development environments and, well, to most software applications.

In the context of python web frameworks, this means that:

In light of this rule, I regret to notice that I see very few python web frameworks worth of any attention.

cazzeggio debian eng pdo rant