Staticsite for blogging

Build this blog in under one minute
Build this blog in under one minute

I just released staticsite version 1.4, dedicated to creating a blog.

After reorganising the documentation, I decided to write a simple tutorial showing how to get a new blog started.

The goal of this release was to make it so that the tutorial would be as simple as possible: the result is "A new blog in under one minute".

Once staticsite is installed1, one can start a new blog by copypasting a short text file, then just adding markdown files anywhere in its directory. Staticsite can then serve a live preview of the site, automatically updated as pages are saved, and build an HTML version ready to be served.

I enjoyed picking a use case to drive a release. Next up is going to be "use staticsite to view a git repository, and preview its documentation". I already use it for that, and let's see what comes out after polishing for it.

  1. I just uploaded staticsite 1.4.1 to Debian Unstable