Setting up Akonadi

Now that I have a CalDAV server that syncs with my phone I would like to use it from my desktop.

It looks like akonadi is able to sync with CalDAV servers, so I'm giving it a try.

First thing first is to give a meaning to the arbitrary name of this thing. Wikipedia says it is the oracle goddess of justice in Ghana. That still does not hint at all at personal information servers, but seems quite nice. Ok. I gave up with software having purpose-related names ages ago.

# apt-get install akonadi-server akonadi-backend-postgresql

Akonadi wants a SQL database as a backend. By default it uses MySQL, but I had enough of MySQL ages ago.

I tried SQLite but the performance with it is terrible. Terrible as in, it takes 2 minutes between adding a calendar entry and having it show up in the calendar. I'm fascinated by how Akonadi manages to use SQLite so badly, but since I currently just want to get a job done, next in line is PostgreSQL:

# su - postgres
$ createuser enrico
$ psql postgres
postgres=# alter user enrico createdb;

Then as enrico:

$ createdb akonadi-enrico
$ cat <<EOT > ~/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc


I can now use kontact to connect Akonadi to my CalDAV server and it works nicely, both with calendar and with addressbook entries.

KDE has at least two clients for Akonadi: Kontact, which is a kitchen sink application similar to Evolution, and KOrganizer, which is just the calendar and scheduling component of Kontact.

Both work decently, and KOrganizer has a pretty decent startup time. I now have a usable desktop PIM application that is synced with my phone. W00T!

Next step is to port my swift little calendar display tool to use Akonadi as a back-end.