Things you learn while booking a trip to Cacerés

  1. Spain is the only country in Europe that requires the airlines to ask you to enter your document information twice: once in the online check in and once in the "Advance Passenger Information" form.
  2. "Express" buses are more expensive, but at least they are slower.
  3. You only need a EU national ID card to enter the country, but you require a passport to book a bus.
  4. When you click on a form, websites like to reload the current page unchanged, then wait a few seconds to give you time to curse their coños de developers, then cunningly reload again to show the next page.
  5. The main train company seems to have lost their trains, and they are adding them to their database as soon as they find them. Right now there are 2 trains a day between Madrid and Cacerés, but tomorrow they may find an extra locomotor in the back of a drawer and maybe manage to schedule another service.

Anyway, somehow I'll be there.