Linking to self in turbogears

I want to put in my master.kid some icons that allow to change the current language for the session.

First, all user-accessible methods need to handle a 'language' parameter:

def index(self, someparam, **kw):
    if 'language' in kw: turbogears.i18n.set_session_locale(kw['language'])

Then, we need a way to edit the current URL so that we can generate modified links to self that preserve the existing path_info and query parameters. In your main controller, add:

def linkself(**kw):
    params = {}
    url = cherrypy.request.browser_url.split('?', 1)[0]
    return url + '?' + '&'.join(['='.join(x) for x in params.iteritems()])

def add_custom_stdvars(vars):
    return vars.update({"linkself": linkself})


(see the turbogears stdvars documentation and the cherrypy request documentation (cherrypy 2 documentation at the bottom of the page))

And finally, in master.kid:

<div id="footer">
  <div id="langselector">
    <span class="language">
      <a href="${tg.linkself(language='it_IT')}">
        <img src="${tg.url('/static/images/it.png')}"/>

    <span class="language">
      <a href="${tg.linkself(language='C')}">
        <img src="${tg.url('/static/images/en.png')}"/>
  </div><!-- langselector -->
</div><!-- footer -->