Turbogears i18n quirks

Collecting strings from .kid files

tg-admin i18n collect won't collect strings from your .kid files: you need the toolbox web interface for that.

Indentation problems in .kid files

The toolbox web interface chokes on intentation errors on your .kid files.

To see the name of the .kid file that causes the error, look at the tg-admin toolbox output in the terminal for lines like Working on app/Foo/templates/bar.kid.

What happens is that the .kid files are converted to python files, and if there are indentation glitches they end up in the python files, and python will complain.

Once you see from the tg-admin toolbox standard error what is the .kid file with the problem, edit it and try to make sure that all closing tags are at the exact indentation level as their coresponding opening tags. Even a single space would matter.

Bad i18n bug in TurboKid versions earlier than 1.0.1

faide on #turbogears also says:

It is of outmost importance that you use TurboKid 1.0.1 because it is the first version that corrects a BIG bug regarding i18n filters ...

The version below had a bug where the filters kept being added at each page load in such a way that after a few hundreds of pages you could have page loading times as long as 5 minutes!

If one has a previous version of TurboKid, one (and only one) of these is needed:

So, in short, all i18n users should upgrade to TurboGears or patch TurboKid using http://trac.turbogears.org/ticket/1301.