Some latex-beamer tips

Using with source-highlight

source-highlight's latexcolor output uses colors that are not available in latex-beamer. Normally one would have to include them with \usepackage[usenames,dvipsnames]{color}, but under latex-beamer it does not work.

One solution is to include the relevant colours from /usr/share/texmf-tetex/tex/latex/graphics/dvipsnam.def:

%% For source-highlight's output
% This unfortunately does not work
% Therefore, I will copy them from /usr/share/texmf-tetex/tex/latex/graphics/dvipsnam.def
\DefineNamedColor{named}{Blue}          {cmyk}{1,1,0,0}
\DefineNamedColor{named}{BrickRed}      {cmyk}{0,0.89,0.94,0.28}
\DefineNamedColor{named}{Brown}         {cmyk}{0,0.81,1,0.60}
\DefineNamedColor{named}{ForestGreen}   {cmyk}{0.91,0,0.88,0.12}
\DefineNamedColor{named}{Purple}        {cmyk}{0.45,0.86,0,0}
\DefineNamedColor{named}{Red}           {cmyk}{0,1,1,0}
\DefineNamedColor{named}{Black}         {cmyk}{0,0,0,1}
\DefineNamedColor{named}{RoyalBlue}     {cmyk}{1,0.50,0,0}

After this is done, including a source is just a matter of:

# In the shell
$ source-highlight -f latexcolor filename.ext

# In the latex-beamer frame

Proportional columns

In the latex-beamer documentation I have only seen columns with fixed sizes. \textwidth luckily works:

  \frametitle{Correzione dei compiti}
  \framesubtitle{Il programmino da Fortran.}