Filtering Debian Packages file

pkgprune - Filter a Packages file

Usage: pkgprune Packages > Packages.filtered

Filters a Debian Packages file by removing either a list of packages (and
their reverse dependencies) or the packages that have given tags.

Dependencies in the filtered Packages file will still be satisfied.

Available via:



hg clone static-

The top of the script has a configuration section:

# Configuration

# Set of packages you don't want to have (the reverse dependencies will be
# removed as far as it's possible)
blacklist_pkgs = set(['gconf2'])

# List of sets of tags; the packages whose tag sets contain one of these tag
# sets will be removed
blacklist_tags = [ set(['implemented-in::php']) ]

Edit that before running the script. The idea is to be able to configure a system to run such a script after apt-get update, both to make dpkg faster on slow arches and to reduce the amount of packages displayed by an interface.