Debian technical innovation

While trying to explore ways of making Debian-related technical work more visible, I had the idea of aggregating RSS feeds of commits to repositories with Debian-specific software.

While it's not an entertaining read like planet Debian, I've been surprised at myself reloading the page every now and then, just for the pleasure to see that cool things are happening all the time.

It's a planetplanet setup with a Planet Debian look, and I initialised it with feeds from a number of Alioth svn and git feeds. I wish that the web view of, and others would generate a RSS feed I could link to. So far only and seem to be providing it.

I would also like to add hackergotchi-style icons to the feeds of those projects that have a logo. If the idea is worth keeping, I'll look into making the configuration file editable by all the developers, just like it happens with

Have a look: