New web-based tag editor

The new web-based tag editor and the Go tagging! page went live.

The new editor has two very interesting features:

Suppose you'd have to tag gimp. The suggested tags view will probably suggest you a few useful tags based on its description, like interface::x11, x11::application, role::program.

Then you'd choose "Tag search" and type "image editor" to get a list of tags that could be added to image editors. It'll give you tags like use::editing, works-with::image:raster, hardware::camera and so on. You can repeat with other keywords, like "gtk interface" and "scheme macros".

This will already lead you, without thinking too much, to some useful categorisation. Ad that point you go back to "all tags" to pick up the rest, like appropriate tags for "uitoolkit: Interface Toolkit" and "implemented-in: Implemented in".

Then save.

It uses a cookie to mark your contributions, so that later on I can correlate together all the edits made by the same person and approve them in a single bunch. This makes it easy for me to spot and approve the work of those contributors that do a lot of work.

It also opens the possibility of implementing a way of "signing" contributions so that, if you are a long-time contributor or if you are listed as the adopter of a tag, your edits could just skip manual review and go straight to the Packages file.