Debtags preformance burst

Recently I've been busy with Debtags code.

Actually not really Debtags code but Tagcoll code. Tagcoll is a collection of generic templates implementing all that is needed to work with tagged stuff. Debtags is just an instantiation of Tagcoll to work with Debian packages, but Tagcoll could be used for pretty much anything, wonders of C++.

So, I've been busy with Tagcoll code. More specifically, I've been working on a new high-performance disk index. I've also implemented some basic benchmarks.

Follows a table with the benchmarking results:

instantiating 30ms 0ms 310ms
hasTag 200ms 0ms 0ms
getTags[item] 180ms 90ms 40ms
getTags[items] 10ms 0ms 0ms
getItems[tag] 330ms 80ms 30ms
getItems[tags] 1140ms 20ms 170ms
getTaggedItems 50ms 10ms 20ms
getAllTags 270ms 0ms 0ms
getCardinality 190ms 0ms 40ms
getCompanionTags 1410ms 60ms 280ms
output 18910ms 7740ms 50ms
outputHavingTags 1330ms 90ms 200ms

TDBReadonlyDiskIndex is the disk index that is currently used in Debtags, BasicStringDiskIndex is the new disk index and TDBIndexer is an in-memory only index implemented with two binary trees.

I'd say, definitely not too bad :)