Reorganization of the DCG

I've recently received a substantial amount of feedback about the Debian Community Guidelines and went into some reorganization of it.

The previous general section still stands as the Main Guidelines: those are the substantial few things to always keep in mind.

What previously was the long list of checklists is now split in two: the Debian-specific Guidelines, which should be a shorter lists of non-obvious suggestions for people who already have experience with online life, and the General Guidelines, with the fuller checklists with useful suggestions for everyone.

I still haven't gone through the selection and reorganization of the Debian-specific and General part, so at the moment they look fairly similar and most things overlap. But the good news is that I finally found a structure that I like, and that can allow more experienced people to make use of the guidelines without getting bored with simpler things like "google before asking a question".

This division also suggests a little workflow: new suggestions can be added to the Debian-specific part, and then later moved to the general part when they become obvious for everyone.

I'm happy. This layout seems to be good in getting me unstuck with how to think of the DCG. More will come of course, as I'll prepare my DCG talk for Debconf6.