My curriculum

I finally finished restructuring my curriculum. It needed to have two properties:

  1. I only want to maintain information once, without copying around and information getting outdated.
  2. I need translations, and I want to translate using smart tools.

Here's how it works now:

  1. It all starts with informations scattered around the file system.
  2. Some Ruby scripts go around digging for them and generate some XML files.
  3. The XML files have tags with special markers so that intltool can extract the strings inside and generate .pot files with them.
  4. I translate .pot files with all the tools one normally uses with them.
  5. Intltool generates multiple XML versions with clean tags and translated strings.
  6. At this point, I have XSLT sheets that can generate:
    • My CV
    • The Talks page
    • A page with a summary of the free software projects I'm involved in

...and it's all driven by Makefiles.

The day I feel like it, I'll add an XSLT to generate a CV in OpenDocument format.

Javier Candeira called this "Rube Goldberg Hacking", but then noone could figure out simpler ways of doing it with the properties I wanted.

Scripts available on request if someone is crazy enough to walk along a similar path.

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