Generating missing tangogps tiles

TangoGPS is nice, but it wants to download tiles. However, I already have a working mapnik setup, so why bother the OpenStreetMap servers with tile requests?

  1. Set up a mapnik environment like I explained with gpsdrive, but use the -m switch to osb2pgsql.
  2. svn co
  3. Edit set-mapnik-env to configure it. Make sure that MAPNIK_TILE_DIR points to Maps/OSM as used by TangoGPS.
  4. ./set-mapnik-env ./customize-mapnik-map > osm.xml
  5. Edit to customise the area that you want to generate. Make sure that when setting bbox the first latitude is smaller than the second latitude, and the same for longitude.
  6. Run ./set-mapnik-env ./ and watch it paint your tiles. Note that if a tile has already been downloaded, it will not download it again.