My company

I had an interesting conversation in which I was explaining my current work situation. It might be fun to share:

< mornfall> you are working on a timed contract?
< enrico> I'm probably worse than a timed contract: I had to setup a company
< enrico> The government is restricting them so badly that they couldn't hire
          me even temporarily, and they had to buy software from me
< enrico> so I had to become a company
< enrico> I AM THE COMPANY
< mornfall> oh duh
< enrico> I'm my employer
< enrico> and my employee
< enrico> in all this, the government proudly shows statistics of lots of new
          companies being created in Italy as a sign that our economy is so
< mornfall> be nice to your employee :-)
< mornfall> hmh
< enrico> so last friday there was a general strike and my company sent a
          press release to the major labor union telling them that the CEO
          together with all the employees decided to fully take part in the
< enrico> Signed: Enrico Zini, directory of the company Enrico Zini;
          Employees of the company Enrico Zini: Enrico Zini
< mornfall> that's getting tough
< enrico> I'm very nice to my employees, hes :)
< enrico> but sometimes I wonder if masturbation could be considered sexual
          harassment from my boss
< mornfall> LOL
< mornfall> you need to appoint a secretary
< enrico> I have one: Enrico Zini.  He's a bit messy, though.
< enrico> The only thing which is not called Enrico Zini is the accountant.
< enrico> Incidentally, he's called Vincenzo Zini, but he's isn't a relative
          of mine :)
< mornfall> in that case i think the boss is harassing the secretary not the
          other employee
< enrico> However, he is member of the local LUG and has a Jabber account :)
< mornfall> fun :)
< enrico> oh, ok.  But the employee might be harassing the secretary, or the
          secretary is harassing the employee and the boss
< enrico> IDEA
< enrico> Tonight I'll propose an orgy with the boss, the secretaries and the
< enrico> (but not the accountant)

(blogged with mornfall's permission)