I decided to encourage and collect no-op words on the ground that there shouldn't be only US (foo, bar, baz, gnu, gnat) and UK (wibble, wobble, wubble, flob) ones.

Italian actually has a wide collection: both the "pippo" range (pippo, pluto, paperino) and the "antani" range (antani, blinda, supercazzola). polygen can generate a complex no-op text for you with 'polygen antani', and one can see instances of the "pippo" range in 'polygen oop'. There's also a fairly common variation of the 'pippo' range that goes 'pippo pappa peppa puppa'.

I'm proud of having lots of no-op words in Italian.

So, I would encourage you to dig for some no-op words in your local language(s) and use them in your code instead of foo and bar.

If you then manage to create a reasoned repertoire of local no-op-words, please send them to me and I'll add them to this blog entry. But please make sure it's words that many people would recognize, and not only you.

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2009-06-06 00:57:39+02:00